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Best Movies of the 80's review and best price

Best Movies of the 80's

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Step right up and get your fill of 80s nostalgia, with the movie bible to end all movie bibles. We've diligently compiled a list of 140 of the most influential movies of the 1980s that's sure to please popcorn gobblers and highbrow chin-strokers, alike. The 80s was a time for adventurers, an era of excess, pomp, and bravado. In the era when mullets and shoulder pads were all the rage, moviegoers got their kicks from flicks as wide-ranging as "Blade Runner", "When Harry Met Sally", and "Blue Velvet". Without a doubt, sci-fi was the most important genre of the decade, with non-human characters like E.T. winning the hearts of millions, while the slimy creatures from "Aliens" became the stuff of nightmares, and movies like "Ghostbusters" and "Back to the Future" fused comedy and sci-fi, to the delight of audiences everywhere. In fact, the 1980s saw the invention of a new reality, a movieworld so convincingly real - no matter now far-fetched - that spectators could not help but abandon themselves to it. Now that's entertainment, folks.
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